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Monologue your heart out.

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Today must feel like Christmas morning for Snapchatters everywhere, with the social media titan introducing a plethora of new features for users that are sure to make snapping that much more addictive. The instant video offering being a highly competitive one (hello, Instagram Stories), it seems Snap Inc. is still a burgeoning melting pot of ideas way past comical dog ears and rainbow vomit. We take a look at their three exciting new tools.

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Limitless snaps

There is now an option to create limitless snaps, with a new “infinity” setting on the timer, which means that when pressed, your loyal watchers can replay and watch your video as long as they want. Once finished and closed, the video will then delete as usual.

Added creative tools 

Also adding new creative features to your arsenal, you will now be able to use the “Magic Eraser” tool that removes objects from your snaps and fills them in with the background instead. You are also now able to draw lines that are the shape of your chosen emoji, thanks to the added “Doodle” tool.

A new loop function 

If you want your friends to get the full effect of the funny cat on your street, or the impressive meal you whipped up (guilty!), there is now an option to make your video loop over and over again – particularly great for shorter videos or highlighting a priceless moment.

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