This Slow-Dating App Withholds Photos Until You’ve Had a Good Ol’ Chat


What's the rush?

Appetence Screenshot
Dating is an art form (or so we’ve heard). You might spot someone behind the counter of your local café, get butterflies every time they ask your order over the loud steaming, and slowly, but surely, you’ll work in that witty banter. Or, you can use Tinder and connect with a quick swipe.

New dating app Appetence is touting itself as “slow dating” – essentially the antidote to quick-thinking courtship, focusing on building closer ties. Here’s why it’s different: instead of photos front and centre, to pick and choose your beau based on fullness of beard, say, the app won’t disclose what your potential suitor looks like until you’ve earned the right… through conversation.

The design of the app is the kicker: each profile photo is covered by what looks like a patterned patchwork and every “encounter” you have with that person – a like, a chat, etc. – will reveal a new piece of the puzzle, eventually unmasking your new beloved.

The app’s founder, Camilla Forsell, created Appetence in answer to the boom in what she describes as “fast dating” scenes, with apps like Tinder and Bumble, where the focus is on speed, rather than connection.

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