This Slim Lunchbox is Designed to Store Nutrient-Diverse Meals


That and it's really cool.


Lunchboxes weren’t exactly the height of sophistication in high school. So much so that you likely don’t own one now. That might also be because it doesn’t fit in your cost-me-my-month’s-wages designer handbag or because there aren’t any that actually get the job done.

Enter Fittbo. An unbelievably sleek lunch keeper that looks like the kind of thing Muji might make, the Fittbo has sweet compartments, a microwave-friendly interior tray for easy at-work reheating, as well as being thermo-insulated to help keep your goodies fresh. The kicker though? The whole thing is leak-proof, which, as any home-lunch-bringer knows, is the overriding issue with home-lunch-bringing.

The “fit” in Fittbo designates a design component that aims to inspire you to pack a varied meal. The large compartment has three sections based on the optimum ratio of nutrients: half for vegetables, a quarter for proteins and a quarter for starch. We can’t knock that.

Support the creators (and your personal budget) by picking up a lunchbox on their Kickstarter. It’s currently US$39.


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