The Most Attractive Jobs According to Australians on Tinder


Which professions turn us on?


Sure, having a job is good for a few obvious reasons; say, the ability to make rent and buy doughnuts. But now, it looks like your 9-to-5 could be the very thing influencing your romantic prospects online. This week, mega dating-platform Tinder released its list of the most swiped professions in 15 countries, including Australia, and the findings are surprising. The No.1 most swiped profession for men in Australia was flight attendant, and the top-spot for women went to swimming coach.

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Apparently, many people are infatuated with employees in the sky, with flight attendant jobs performing well globally. And before we pat ourselves on the backs for not judging books by their covers, unsurprisingly, models, actors and personal trainers were highly rated globally over both gender categories.

Full list below:

For women in Australia

1. Swimming Coach
2. Student
3. Cabin Crew Member
4. Law Clerk
5. Social Media Manager
6. Hair Stylist
7. Childcare Worker
8. Rowing Coach
9. Dental Assistant
10. Model
11. Law Student
12. Waitress
13. Behavioural Therapist
14. Makeup Artist
15. Actress

For men in Australia

1. Flight Attendant
2. Marketing Coordinator
3. Waiter
4. Painter
5. Nurse
6. Teacher
7. Personal Trainer
8. Student
9. Model
10. Artist
11. Firefighter
12. Bartender
13. Lawyer
14. Doctor
15. Pilot


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