The Best Apps For Life’s Biggest Moments


Support for every milestone.


Getting married, moving house, finding a new job or travelling the world – even the most exciting milestones in life can be a stressful. Need help with the logistics of a big life change on your horizon?

These tech startups will look after the finer details and take the stress out of your next big step.

Milestone: You’re moving house

Moving house is one of the most stressful and busy undertakings in our lives, but there are some services out there to make it that little bit easier on you. If you’re selling, OpenAgent is Australia’s leading real estate agent comparison site and will help match you with the best agent in your local area (think of it as a dating site for real estate agents). Meanwhile, Home Move Pro makes your house move worry free by allowing you to create to-do lists from templates and check things off as you go. It also includes a feature that allows you to save photos (so no more wondering what on earth is in that box you forgot to label!).

Milestone: You’re going travelling

Whether you’re taking a gap year after uni, using a redundancy payout to fund an adventure, or taking a babymoon, a once-in-a-lifetime trip can take a lot of planning. When it comes to your itinerary, TripIt is the perfect solution, allowing you to keep your flight details, hostel booking confirmations and important travel documents all in one place. To help you plan your route, Rome2Rio maps out every transport option (from trains to gondolas) in any area. Once you’re on the ground, the exchange app will help you get bang for your buck and trade currency like the professionals.

Milestone: You’re getting married

With two-thirds of brides choosing to skip the cost of a wedding planner, technology will help you take a DIY approach. Wedding Happy is your ultimate wedding checklist – by simply putting in your ceremony date, the app will produce a checklist of tasks to complete and estimated dates to complete by. Looking for a unique venue? WedShed is like an Airbnb for quirky locations and wedding vendors, and AllSeated makes seating plans easy by importing your contacts and organising them into groups that can be updated at the last minute. After the big day, use the Thankyou Note app to easily show your appreciation.

Milestone: Your family is growing

From pregnancy to birth and beyond, there’s an app for every stage of your parenting journey. Baby Bump is a one-stop shop for all things pregnancy, which allows you to learn, track, connect and shop all in one app. You can also connect with other mums to help answer your questions. When the big day arrives, Full Term is the app you’ll want on your phone once the labour pains start, as it’s a calculated way to keep track of your contractions, and send the data directly to your health care professionals. Once baby is here, the SoundSleeper app has 16 tracks of white noise that are scientifically proven to help your little one fall asleep.

Milestone: You want a new job

Whether you’re looking for a new role in your same field, or looking to retrain for a total career change, there’s technology out there to make your dream job a reality. Found is the only recruitment platform where candidates can instantly apply to every job from their mobile phone, so say goodbye to the traditional CVs and covering letters for front-line roles. Chat with HR managers directly on your smartphone and get that job faster by applying in seconds.

Want to bring your application to life? Visibl is an eye-catching new app for making 60-second video resumes to showcase your unique talents. Once you get an interview, you can also use the virtual reality app VR Rehearsal to practise your interview techniques in front of a virtual panel to banish your nerves.

Milestone: You’re retiring

Whether you want to retire at 60 or 27 (like this guy!) leaving the world of work is an occasion to celebrate and an opportunity to follow other passions. Worried about budget? Nettshell is an app designed to give users financial data and know-how at their fingertips, including their current financial position, future projections, and advice on achieving retirement goals. If you own your own business, succession planning software like AnaPlan can help you to plan your exit strategy. Once freedom is yours, the social networking app Hopspot can connect you with other locals who have the same interests as you, whether you’re looking to take up a hobby or use your spare time to upskill.

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