How Edwards and Co. Uses Instagram to Grow Its Client Base


A chat with salon founder Jaye Edwards.

Jaye Edwards

Rural kid Jaye Edwards has made big things happen for himself and his namesake salon empire, Edwards and Co.. You may have come across his work on the Instagram feeds of entrepreneur and beauty editor Eleanor Pendleton, Aussie darling Lara Worthington, or our very own founder and CEO, Lisa Messenger. Even in the hair industry, exceptional work does not go unnoticed. This year, Jaye accepted the Salon Business of the Year Award at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. Now with five salons drawing loyal clientele across Sydney, Byron Bay, Melbourne and Surfers Paradise, you have to wonder: what is happening here, exactly? Well, it’s a glorious mingling of talented colourists, consistent service, a strong management team, and Instagram.

In this interview, the salon’s owner and founder elucidates just how they’ve used the social media platform to engage with clients and build brand identity, plus how the company amassed 60K followers, some of whom are now happy customers.

What are some of the successful social media tactics Edwards and Co. has used?
Being consistent, staying true to our brand, and updating daily with fresh content. For our Instagram account, we’ve found great success in involving our stylists and colourists with Instagram Story takeovers from each of our salons and live Q&As using the live video feature – doing these has helped us obtain amazing opportunities, like taking over the Mane Addicts account, as well as having Beach Waver exclusively take over our account live from the Victoria’s Secret 2016 show last year in Paris.

The business is growing fast. What’s your advice for keeping up with speedy growth, while maintaining consistency in your service?
Having a strong management team is very crucial; this allows you to have a consistent culture and strong work ethic across the managing team, where everyone is on the same page for the brand’s ethos.

You have a very loyal following and customer base. What do you attribute this to?
We pride ourselves on having a very personal service – we feel that it’s very important knowing who your client is.

How crucial has Instagram been to your marketing strategy? Do you have any figures to support?
Instagram has had a huge impact on our overall growth as a brand, allowing us to become one of the very few hair salons that have quite a large following on social media. We use our Instagram and Facebook pages to showcase our work, connect with our clients and give them inspirational content fast. We’ve amassed a following of 60,000 people on Instagram in less than four years and are growing rapidly each day.

“Working with tastemakers who align with the Edwards and Co. brand has helped us elevate our online presence.”

We also use Instagram to connect with influencers and build long-term relationships. Working with tastemakers who align with the Edwards and Co. brand has helped us elevate our online presence and tap into their audiences, proving to be a great success at gaining new clients. We feel that this is a more personal approach to marketing as they have a strong and relatable relationship with their audience and share the same interests regarding hair, beauty and fashion.

What was your intention for your business, before the first salon even opened its doors?
Honestly, there was no intention. My hunger grew and the first salon opened and my determination to create something big and bold was born.

What have you learnt about your customers over the years?
I’ve learn that attention to detail is vital and that your last customer is just as important as your first – I’m a firm believer in building long-term relationships and being personal. Our clients keep coming back to us because they want a comfortable, inviting and friendly environment that they can kick back and relax in with a tea, or sit down with their laptop and a coffee in hand whist receiving their hair service. We’ve set up our space to cater for both scenarios by offering free Wi-Fi, filling the salon with lush plants and greenery to aid with relaxation, a plethora of on-trend reading material, and an epic complimentary drinks menu.

Who are your collaborators? How did you find and select them above others?
We collaborate with an array of influential models, actresses, entrepreneurs and celebrities. These include Sara Donaldson, Lisa Messenger, Lara Worthington, Dena Kaplan, Charlotte Best, Samantha Jade and Pia Miller, to name a few. We select our influencers based on being like-minded people, we are firm believers in partnering with individuals who are fun, fearless, confident and align with the Edwards and Co. brand vision.

What is your 10-year vision for Edwards and Co.?
I want to open more locations along the East Coast and expand the brand overseas. My vision is to create a solid international brand and spread the word of Edwards and Co. worldwide. I would also love to strengthen our education program across the globe and continue to push the limit within the hair industry.

What’s your No.1 advice for other entrepreneurs?
Fail fast, move on with your head high and always look back to see how far you have come. Anyone who says you can’t? Show them how much you can.

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Photo of Jaye Edwards by Bianca Chi.

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