Are You Feeling the ‘Collective Pain’? Here’s How To Manage That.


The art of letting go.

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Ed’s note: This is a guest post written by Danielle LaPorte.

A lot of us are experiencing our own personal pain and tapping into a global, collective pain at the same time. We’re marching, or emphatically not marching. We’re crying in the kitchen, out of the blue. We’re heavy with emotion by noon.

It’s critical that you let the pain move through you. You have to keep letting it go. And there’s no need to worry about being too detached from what’s going on. Because there’s new pain arriving daily. If you’re awake, you will hurt. I’m with you… in profound agony over the state of the world. And my faith and resolve are brighter than my doubt and stronger than my grief. It’s an hourly practice to find that balance.

Feel it, fully, but don’t grip the pain and use it to bolster your position or identity.

Holding on to pain is how you get bitter, and brittle, and incidentally, much less effective.

It’s a feminine skill to process other people’s pain. Empathy. Whole humans feel things. Deeply. And then the heart wants to make something with the pain — to run it through its ventricles and transmute it into goodness. It’s a beautiful inclination. But we’ve got to keep our “pain processing for other people” in check or it will bring us down.

We might tell ourselves that taking on the collective pain is a form of being of service. And it is — we’re in this together. But too much of that is martyrdom. And when you’re a martyr you become a burden on the system.


Here’s the pathway to conscious management of psychic pain:

1. Feel your own pain. Analyse why you are personally affected.
2. If you’re able, try to let it go by the end of the day, if not sooner. Of course, this is nearly impossible. But the intention will create a shift.
3. Observe other people’s pain. Seek to understand it. Relate or sympathize.
4. If you’re able, let it go by the end of the day, if not sooner. It’s very difficult to do, but not impossible. And, then, return to your personal gratitude and power. Because you must be in touch with your own blessings in order to be of service.

This is a daily practice, because we’re all in pain. Humans, animals, Mother Earth…all hurting, badly. We have to let go of the pain on a regular basis, so that it doesn’t backlog and turn into inflammation, depression, confusion. Or worse, blind rage.

Every day, let it go. Give it up to Life, to God, to the cosmos, and trust that we have the strength to heal. Speak out. Get a therapist for the sole reason of talking about world events and your rage and feelings of helplessness — and empowerment. Please, move. Get to a yoga class, or run your ass off a few times a week — for emotional reasons, not just for your ass. Dance! You’ve got to move the pain out of your body and psyche so that you can keep going. And we need to keep going.

We’ve got to keep our “pain processing for other people” in check or it will bring us down.

If each of us made the effort to let go of pain and return to trust, then there would be less pain in the atmosphere. And with less pain in the atmosphere, not only can we see more clearly and make more of an impact, but the low-vibration stuff and fear-mongers have nothing to feed on and nowhere to hide. (Negative energies can turn a cloud of fear into a shit storm. So let’s not feed the cloud.)

Confront the pain with your unwavering trust and gratitude for being alive.

This is where the limitless power is. Pain release and faith are a very effective way to serve. Every day.

Over and over again… so we are free to rise.

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