10 Tools To Help You Build A Beautiful Website


No coding required.

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We’re certainly not the first to say that a swish and functional website is crucial to your business. While building one from scratch might sound daunting, it actually isn’t. These days, a host of web tools exist (some free, others paid), that do the heavy lifting for you. We’ve rounded up 10 that will have you launching your business site by week’s end.

1. Carrd
Describing its offering as “simple, responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything”, this free service is as user-friendly as they come (seriously, you can publish in five minutes flat).

2. Pattern by Etsy
Etsy does all the work for you with Pattern. Just select a theme and colour palette and they’ll create a site from your existing shop – which you can then customise to your heart’s content.

3. Squarespace
Considered one of the most design-oriented website builders, Squarespace offers oodles of flexibility around aesthetics and makes your site look a million bucks (on the cheap).

4. Universe
If you need a site in a hurry, this new Brooklyn start-up is here to help. A ‘millennial-friendly’ app, Universe allows you to skip the desktop and simply create a website on your iPhone – all in under a minute.

5. Weebly
Thirty million people can’t be wrong. One of the better-known site builders – for a reason – Weebly creates a top-notch, easily updatable platform for your chosen venture.

6. Tilda
This platform works well for content-oriented sites. Drag and drop more than 350 pre-designed blocks to create slick-as-a-whistle pages.

7. BitBlox
If you already have a site, BitBlox allows you to create landing pages that look and feel just like your existing design; you can even test which ones get more clicks before you commit.

8. Evolero
This one’s the go for event websites – taking you all the way from landing page to ticketing and forming a community around your conferences, workshops, pop-ups or what have you.

9. Webflow
Geared towards your more experienced web designer, this one’s a bit more sophisticated than your Lego-block-style site builder. It’s not painless, but it’s super professional.

10. CloudPress
Think WordPress, sans code. CloudPress is a drag-and-drop theme builder that simplifies the making of a WordPress site – plus, it’s in the cloud, so you can share your progress around.

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