Top Australian Holidays for Workaholics


Step away from the laptop.


Hey, you. Yes, the one who’s simultaneously reading this, scheduling a meeting on Google Calendar and jotting down more things that need doing for work. Don’t you think it’s time you gave your mind a break? It’s not just us, your partner, and your friends telling you this. Science is in our corner, too.

A study published in Translational Psychiatry not only proved what we already know – that holidays can lower stress levels and boost the immune system – but that we can still be buzzing from some of these effects a whole month later. The best part was that the study participants were only away for six days.

You can spare a few days, can’t you? According to the researchers, to get the most benefit, your time away needs to be actual time out from work, ideally in a relaxing environment, and incorporate activities that foster mindfulness.

Now that we have your attention, may we present the top three Australian holiday destinations for workaholics that meet the criteria (and with just enough Wi-Fi to keep you connected).

Palm Bay Resort, Long Island

Imagine waking up in your own luxury beachfront villa at an eco resort and stepping outside to see unobstructed views of the Whitsundays. You’ll be so close to the water, you could be snorkelling in less time than it takes to feel email withdrawals. You could put on your trainers and walk or run the 20km tracks through 2,500 acres of rainforest on Long Island. Or, you could camp out by the pool, order cocktails at the bar, and read a book.

Holidays can lower stress levels and boost the immune system, [and] we can still be buzzing from some of these effects a whole month later.

Amazingly, all this doesn’t come with a five-star price tag. So what’s the catch? You’ll have to cook your own food. Think of Palm Bay Resort as the ultimate glamping destination, minus the tents. Instead of a restaurant, the resort features a well-equipped kitchen which you share with the other guests. But don’t worry about doing the dishes on holiday, the staff will take care of that for you. Oh, and did we already mention there’s a bar? Accommodation in a beachfront villa starts at $229 per night, and Long Island is a 20-minute boat transfer from Shute Harbour or 45 minutes from Hamilton Island Airport.

Wild Pedder, Tasmania

If you really need help curbing your workaholic tendencies, then a bush walking/kayaking trip through the Tasmanian landscape will force you to put technology aside for a few days. Starting in Hobart, guides Lou and Cody will walk you through the rugged beauty of Twisted Lakes and Tarn Shelf, they’ll take you out on kayaks to explore Lake Pedder, and challenge your fitness on the 11km trail to Mount Eliza.

Each night of the four-day trip ends at Pedder Wilderness Lodge, where resident chef Benjamin Knack prepares delicious meals using premium, locally sourced produce. Tasmanian wine will also be available to help you unwind from the day’s activities. There’s no phone reception, but you can pay for roaming Wi-Fi. Prices start at $2,200 for the trip, which includes all food, drinks, accommodation, and kayaking equipment. The season runs from November through to April.

Banubanu Retreat, Arnhem Land

A shot of our new beachfront Eco-tents taken from the boat last week. #Banubanu #nhulunbuy #eastarnhemland #gove

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Get back to basics at this solar-and-wind powered lodge in the Northern Territory. There are only ever a maximum of 16 people at this retreat, so if you’re in need of some solitude, this is the place for it. That and it will be hard for people to contact you about work with the limited phone coverage available.

Stay in one of the beachside tents and cabins, watch the sunsets from the deck or do a cooking class with Banubanu co-owner Helen. If you’d like to learn about the local Indigenous culture, members of the Yolngu community can teach you to make fishing spears, go crab hunting, weave traditional baskets and the stories behind their artwork. Prices for a twin share tent with shared bathroom starts at $360.

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