This Wearable is Your New Posture Police


Adiós, hunchback.

Upright Go

Spending the majority of our day sitting in front of a computer has few antidotes: regular breaks, non-ironic sun salutations, and incessant complaining about being chained to our desk. Laptops, too, are great proponents of a slouchy stance, so in order to combat neck and back issues, we have to fight tech with tech. This Kickstarter campaign has the best solution we’ve spotted so far.

UPRIGHT GO is an alert-based tracker that acts like a friendly nudge reminding you to sit up straight. Simply place it between your upper shoulders and, using sensory technology, it will track how upright you’re sitting, and alert you through vibration when you start to slouch. The company predicts your posture will render itself top notch in two to three weeks. Not only is it small enough to sit comfortably beneath your clothes, it’s also water- and sweat-resistant, with a battery life of just under nine hours – perfect for the working day.


Considering the device has already surpassed its US$25,000 goal by more than $200,000, we say this will be on the market very shortly. Want to snap one up before the campaign ends? Click here.

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