The Secret to a Happy Life


From someone 94-years young.


My life involves an abundance of travel, both within Australia and overseas. I can fly to four different cities around the country in a matter of days; clearly I’m passionate about it.

I’ve spent a good deal of my life travelling to far-flung places around the globe for work and for pleasure, and travel is so important to me and to our community that we’ve got a whole section in both the print edition and dedicated to it.

More recently, I find myself travelling a lot for work – I get to go to amazing places and meet incredible people. However, this year for me is about challenging myself to get a bit more rough and ready and off-the-beaten track. How can I make my mark on the world if I don’t immerse myself in it?

That’s not to say I’m abandoning modern creature comforts to go camping at every opportunity – I still believe it’s OK to do five-star hotels! But I do love duality in life; I can enjoy beautiful, glamorous, relaxing day-spa experiences just as much as rustic journeys along the not-so-well trodden path. More recently, my life has become about the latter and I am meeting the most extraordinary people.

In the last couple of months, I have hung out with a pasta maker from Slovenia; a tantra teacher from Florence; a lawyer from London; an advertising exec from Athens; a miner from Canada; and people from Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, China, Russia and countless other countries – some of which I am still in the dark about what they “do” in life. Beyond their careers, they are just awesome people all exploring life.

We’ve talked about everything from culture to food, to politics, to religion and everything in between… the core of it all being what makes us tick. Why do they do what they do? Who are they? What is their greatest longing?

Two of the most mind-blowingly inspirational (and fun!) people I have hung out recently are an 89-year-old and a 94-year-old woman, who are still gallivanting around the globe with no fixed address. They are so in the moment and living a day at a time. They are such incredible people that I just feel so privileged to have the chance to sit with them and chat about life. They were so vibrant that I had to ask them their secret to a long happy life (as they were living proof that they had the answer!)

Their answer? Laugh. A lot. One of them told me that every single morning, she laughs for five minutes in bed before she even gets up out of bed. Can you imagine? What a glorious way to start your day!

So I urge you – travel more. Even if it’s just to a suburb in your own city that you’ve never been to… Explore. Get out of your comfort zone. Meet people from different cultures. Get inspired.

Lisa Messenger x

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