How to Be Confident, According to Alain de Botton


A meditation on embracing your foolishness.

Alain de Botton

Author and thinker Alain de Botton never has a shortage of great advice: from admitting we’re all somewhat crazy when it comes to love, to companies that care and not just dish out a paycheck, there’s endless wisdom in the work of this modern-day philosopher.

One of our favourite examples is a video from his spin-off venture, The School of Life, an emotional intelligence university that educates adults on everything from having good conversations to keeping hope alive.

In this short film, How to be Confident, the philosopher offers the counterargument to our self-realised idea that we’re just a bit of a loser: it’s not that we’re a bit strange and that we should try and hide it, it’s more that everyone is a bit strange, we just might not notice.

If you’re feeling a little shy, self-conscious, or generally a bit lost on where you fit in, watch the video below – you’ll instantly feel a little better.

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