5 Podcasts to Help You Land That Job


Learning starts with listening.


Podcasts are kind of like cheese: they go with everything and there’s no such thing as “too much”. There are podcasts for any area of your life that you might need help, entertainment, hilarity, or even just a workout buddy when your lazy pal bails.

And there’s no shortage of high-achieving go-getters tying their tips up in a neat little podcast. Whether you’re about to head into a job interview, or you’re just scouting tips for your next big promotion, these are our favourite work-focused podcasts to give you the career smarts to take on that next big challenge.

The Tim Ferriss Show
He literally wrote the book on success (in a four-day work week, no less), and that’s why Tim Ferriss makes such a great host on his podcast, The Tim Ferris Show. The show is a top performer on iTunes (consistently rated No.1 in business podcasts), and it’s little wonder: any guest, from finance experts to actors, are asked about their own formula for success, from morning routines to time-management tricks, with each unique perspective offering a great place to build your own routine from.

#GirlBoss radio
It’s no secret we love Sophia Amoruso (can’t wait for the upcoming Netflix series based on her rise) and her podcast is one a big contributor. Rather than focusing on the achievements of women in seats like CEO and editor-in-chief, the entrepreneur herself digs into those moments when these successful women really had no idea, so listeners can understand the steps they took to get higher up on that ladder. The guests are seriously notable, too (Charlize Theron and VICE executive creative director Amel Monsur, for example). It’s solidarity, sister.

HBR Ideacast
The Harvard Business Review is consistently clued-in when it comes to new research about business, us, and how the two coexist. If any questions of culture, productivity or the impacts of workplace developments arise during your interview, you’ll be the front-running candidate once you slip in the line, ‘So, I was listening to the Harvard Business Review podcast this morning and…”

Being Boss
This podcast, presented by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, is specifically aimed at creative entrepreneurs, but don’t think there isn’t a heap of gold for you too if that’s not your shtick. We’re talking everything from burnout to personal branding, and from your personal value system to raising your prices, you’ll feel completely accomplished before you step into any situation – be it your own boss chair, or an upcoming interview. 

How Did You Get Into That?
Every path is different, including yours, which is why Grant Baldwin’s show, which discusses the journey through the careers of travel bloggers to a suitcase entrepreneur. The production might be a little heavy handed, but if you strip away the cheesiness (there is such thing as too much!) of the prog rock pathways to the interviews, it’s really just a chat with people who are doing things you may have always wanted to do.

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