How to Unlock Netflix’s Hidden Categories for Endless Watching


Love a good hack.

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Turns out the third person in your relationship has a whole heap of secrets – and they’re patiently waiting to be uncovered. Although there are a few overarching categories in the left-hand side bar, Netflix actually has a tonne more categories you’ve never browsed.

These hidden sub-genres help the program learn more about the films you’re interested in to be able to make relevant suggestions – but, with a little hack, you can browse these categories directly.

Simply locate the genre code you’re interested in and type it onto the end of this URL:

Here are a few of our favourite unexplored subgenres:

Deep sea horror movies 45028
Has there ever been a better combination of words? We can only imagine what kind of cinematic gems are lurking in this sunken category.

Experimental movies 11079
We’re expecting this category to be not unlike any film shown on SBS post 11pm. This time, though, your parents aren’t about to burst into the room, so why not have a dig through these off-beat offerings?

Disney musicals 59433
Why else do you have Netflix if not to revert back to childhood, singing along to animation and sipping hot chocolate under a blanket on a Sunday afternoon?

Greek movies 61115
If we’re honest, it’s not a genre we’ve often thought about searching, but that’s the beauty of these sub-categories.

Slapstick comedies 10256
Because falling over is universally and endlessly funny.

See the full list of categories here.

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