Meet the Creative Behind This Month’s Artist Takeover: Hannah Carrick


The mind behind the art.

Hannah lives and works in Sydney as an artistic jack of all trades, delving into visual art, graphic design and illustration. Originally from Lennox Head, New South Wales, she draws inspiration from a childhood spent amongst nature and early memories of the ocean and lush greenery. A graduate of CATC Design School, her work combines intricate lines and bold colours, often incorporating the female form. Her art also traverses the canvas and appears on ceramics, clothing and other apparel. Hannah created this month’s Artist Takeover.

Name: Hannah Carrick

Social handle: @hannahcarrick___

Where are you from? Lennox Head, NSW

Describe your artistic style. Delicate lines of feminine and floral forms with bold and vibrant colours.

What’s your earliest memory of being interested in the arts? I was always really creative from a young age. I remember entering a drawing competition when I was seven and winning a family trip to SeaWorld. But my real passion began when I discovered Ozzie Write in high school.

Who has influenced your style? There has been so many people over the years: from a young age Ozzie Write, I remember in my late teens really digging French graffiti artist Fafi and illustrator Suntur and later Kelsey Brooke’s.
I am inspired by…
 Emotion and beauty. I think most artists’ are quite emotional beings, so I guess I just immerse myself in work when I’m in that head space and tend to step into my most creative state.

In your opinion, what makes a good photo/good art piece, great? Use of colours. I hear people say a lot about simple artworks “I could of done that”. I think a lot of art can be replicated, but I think people forget that these types of artists’ are like scientists in their field matching the most simplistic colours which look so effective. To me that makes a piece.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A singer actually!  

What music is on your playlist / the music you listen to when ‘creating’? It’s very mood dependent but my playlist consists of ravey, hip-hop or soul mixes.

Right now, I’m obsessed with… Pilates, ASAP Rocky, Posca Pens, baking, anything linen, gold and summer.

What’s next for you… I’d love to be able to have my own studio space, that’s the big dream, and I’m also gearing up for another exhibition in 2017.

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dying, who would that be? 2Pac so I could have his babies.

What do you think the secret is for artists making their passion a financially viable career?
Don’t conform to a style, just because it’s ‘in’ right now. Be true to your passion and what makes and defines you as a unique artist. That is what will set your apart. Seek distribution channels that will get your work under the eyeballs of the type of people who will appreciate and support it.

See Hannah’s work in print in Issue 43.

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