How Samantha Wills’ Career is Still Making Full Circles


A new jewellery collaboration with Billabong harks back to her humble entrepreneurial beginnings.

How Samantha Wills’ Career is Still Making Full Circles

We’ve written many times about the non-linear nature of entrepreneurialism. A straight and continually rising career trajectory is quite the rarity these days. Instead, career paths that we often perceive as successful tend to resemble a series of varying zig zags, and sometimes work and life even do a remarkable full circle.

This is indeed true for one of our A New League (Issue 25) cover stars and dear friend, Samantha Wills. The Collective Hub community is no stranger to her business story of sweat, tears and gemstones – from making jewellery on her dining table to her early hustling at Bondi market stalls to selling out at trade shows to global expansion. However, you might not be aware of Samantha’s late teen stint as a Billabong fit model. Last week her surf style loving past returned in a beautifully serendipitous way as she launched her limited edition jewellery collection in collaboration with Billabong; showing some dreams can take decades to unfold – even for international business women like Sam, who frequently shares “it took me 12 years to become an overnight success.”

We were thrilled to celebrate the occasion with Samantha and Billabong at The Chalet Byron Bay. Check out the tropical afternoon in our gallery above.