26 Quotes to Help Make 2017 Your Bravest Year Yet


From Churchill to Picasso...

26 Quotes to Help Make 2017 Your Bravest Year Yet

Chances are the years you’ll really remember, you know, the chapters that stand out most vividly in your mental archives – the ones that feel like they either made or broke you (probably both), are bound to be the times that you dove into uncertainty, took a big risk – or a series of small ones – leapt with faith, let go of an attempt to control it all and surfed life’s inevitable waves, with a few spectacular crashes here and there of course.

One of America’s most beloved (and longest serving) First Ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt, famously advised: “Do one thing everyday that scares you.” In the moment it might make you feel sick, insecure, doubtful and only the tiniest bit excited, but that initial fear – and the courage taken to overcome it – always makes the experience even more rewarding, no matter what the outcome.

Anyone who’s anyone across literature, politics, pop culture and social change seems to agree. And you wouldn’t argue with the likes of Mark Twain or Coco Chanel would you? Hear it straight from their mouths in the gallery above. We hope at least one truism gives you the inspiration and impetus to make this year your biggest, best, most beautiful but above of all, BRAVEST adventure yet.