VIDEO: Is fashion more than how you look?


Nope, it’s how you feel. We go behind the scenes with Dina Broadhurst to see her new project Inside/Out.

fame-and-partnersWhen Dina Broadhurst says yes to producing a shoot, you don’t waste time. That was the case for e-commerce evening wear brand Fame and Partners who recently collaborated with this Australian gun. The campaign is ‘Inside/Out’ and its concept is to celebrate the empowerment of women. For every sale, $5 will go towards supporting a female empowerment charity of your choice.

Let’s be honest, Fame and Partners has never done things straight down the middle – from the 400% growth year on year since launch in 2014 to the fact that evening wear is made-to-order in the interests of reducing textile wastage.

“To me, ‘Inside/Out’ stands for celebrating women’s inner AND outer worlds because I think what is going on inside is equally fascinating, beautiful, inspiring as whatever is happening on the exterior. I want to encourage women to be raw, vulnerable and beautiful,” says Fame & Partners founder Nyree Corby.

We went behind the scenes of ‘Inside/Out’ to understand a little bit more about how the brand brings a new collection to life with a fierce focus on uniqueness. See how it all came together below.

Dina Broadhurst for Collective Hub from Collective Hub on Vimeo.