Giving Back and Making Bank: Jamie Green Has Found the Perfect Business Equation


Meet the philanthropic Founder of One Night Stand Sleepwear.


“I had a rough patch myself and saw a few things that I wanted to see changed in the world,” so explains Jamie Green, Collective Hub friend and Kick. Start. Smart speaker, of his social enterprise One Night Stand, which feeds the homeless with every sale of his designer sleepwear.

Now at the helm of a thriving small business, it’s a (very) far cry from the early days of entrepreneurship for this social enterprise kickstarter. It took one unsuccessful business and his own experience of homelessness, which saw him crashing on friend’s couches and on the floor of his failing cafe, that helped shaped the business he’s now secured in General Pants Co. stores across the country.

For Jamie, there was nowhere to go but up. Here’s his story.

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Art direction: Mat Macready
Videography: Noah Hunter Dorsey
Music: Bloom Blinded In Hindsite