Is the nanny state taking the taste from our restaurants?


Talking food, regulation and freedom at Time Out's first live panel event



If you were offered a bite of the most delicious apple in the world – a fruit so rare and complex in its taste, it made those who tried it openly weep – but there was a small chance it would kill you, would you take the risk? Should you even be allowed to make that choice yourself?

The more often we eat out, the more we’re forced to grapple with this calculation. Our food regulations exist to protect us, but many argue they go too far. Lately, we’ve seen flare ups over the cooking temperatures of burgers and the serving of unpasteurized, and cold-pressed products. Even the choice of utensils at a restaurant can come at a risk to health.

In a climate where over-regulation is a statewide bugbear, is food just another chapter in the nanny state’s rulebook, or is the Food Authority a life-saving exception?

In Time Out‘s first ever live panel discussion, they will tackle the issue of food, regulation and freedom.

Chaired by Time Out‘s editorial director, Alyx Gorman, the discussion will be led by panelists with a whole spectrum of perspectives, including: Jake Smyth of Mary’s; Kate Browne of Choice and The Checkout; clinical academic gastroenterologist at UWS, Dr Vincent Ho; and Sydney restaurateur John Fink.

The team from Mary’s will be on site to create a very special ‘Nanny State Burger’, to complement the discussion.

The bar at the Belvoir will be open for business before and after the event, and Mary’s burgers will available to guests throughout the evening.

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Monday 15th August 2016




18 & 25, Belvoir Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia


General Admission $20 | General admission + Mary’s burger & drink $35


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