Using Tech for Change: The Best Apps to do Some Good


Tired of swiping left? Here are some apps that could help you really make an impact.


With stats from GMSA suggesting that 50% of the world’s population are now in possession of a mobile subscription, it’s no wonder that these tiny digital devices have become seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

With the catalogue of apps and social platforms out there running longer than the average weekly shopping list, it’s only fair that the developers of the world start looking at more serious problems.

Connecting people with solutions with the touch of a screen, these are the best user-friendly and convenient apps are doing good.


The Budge

Believing that people are ‘fundamentally good inside’ this playful app asks of users to challenge themselves… to a pizza eating competition.

The Budge provides a platform for users to challenge a friend to a battle of their choice – a marathon, a dance-a-thon or an eating challenge of personal proportion… whatever you like (or think you might master)! The stakes? A micro-donation to a pre-selected charity of your choice.

A bit of fun to overcome the sometimes seemingly complicated task of making a charitable donation, The Budge is just a small push toward doing good – a one time only donation that you can choose do over and over again and for whichever charity you choose to support.


Shop Ethical!

Giving us all a little extra assurance that we are buying the most ethical products, Shop Ethical! is a pocket-sized directory of brands; there’s information about the brand’s history and delves into whether or not they meet your standards for production, ingredients and certification.

Claiming to provide the ‘low-down’ on popular brands, with Shop Ethical! we can now can rest assured that we’re buying products that contain ethical ingredients, and are produced to meet sustainable standards.


Big White Wall

A virtual safe-space, the Big White Wall is a digital tool to help us overcome mental health issues.

The app provides contact to professional counsellors at all hours, as well as a space for anonymous conversations between community members, along with mood measuring tools and access to useful courses and articles.

Giving an outlet to sufferers of various mental health issues, the Big White Wall provides an easy to navigate, friendly and educational app for users to refer to during moments of doubt and isolation.



Access to cheaper food? Where do we sign?

Connecting B2B, Yume allows businesses with excess food to share this knowledge with both the public and partner NGO’s as well as not-for-profits.

For us, that means cheaper nosh – there are discounts of up to 50% at restaurants with excess goods. But for not-for-profit organisations with even more worthy mouths to feed, YUME provides an indispensable service connecting restaurants with excess meals and goods with those who need it most.



Developed by Women NSW’s Department of Family & Community Services, the Aurora app is a tool for victims of domestic violence to use in moments of need, and to refer to for information of signifiers and support services.

Created with automated messaging functions, this app can call police, or message a pre-programmed contact when you are unable to type yourself. There are also included functions for direct contact with experienced caseworkers 24/7 for vulnerable women who need a kind ear and professional advice but might not have the means or motivation otherwise.

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