Facebook Finally Replaces ‘Like’ Function with Full Range of ‘Reactions’


We’ll hit ‘like’ on this Facebook update



Any Facebook user knows that not everything on deserves a like. Now, the forward-thinking tech company has finally adapted the interactive function into a more expressive range of reactions for users.

After more than a year of in-depth research that included focus groups, surveys and work with sociologists to create emotions that are “universally understood and equally useful,” Facebook have launched Reactions, a new set of emoji-like options that includes ‘love’, ‘sad’, ‘haha’, ‘wow’ and ‘angry’.

“We wanted to be really, really careful about which reactions we [launched],” product manager Summi King told CNNMoney. ”Are we giving people more tools to express themselves more accurately and authentically?”

Users can now hover over the ‘like’ button and choose a reaction from the automatic toolbar that appears.

You’ll never have to ‘like’ a post about Donald Trump again.

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