Conscious Communing


Your invite to an enlightened night out

Conscious Communing

Photos courtesy of Conscious Club


Let’s be honest. Your standard jaunt to a pub or club rarely makes for a memorable occasion, with the subsequent hangover long outliving any hazy remnants of fun from the night that was (or wasn’t). Cue the global counter movement of recent years, with early morning alcohol and drug-free dance parties Daybreaker and Morning Gloryville seeing a whole new gen of cognisant clubbers rise and rave.

Launched in 2011 by meditation teachers Tim Brown and Gary Gorrow, Conscious Club is an answer to those wasted nights out – offering all the buzz without any of the blotto. Bolstering its own brand of ‘enlighter-tainment’, a Conscious Club event will see your shoulders rubbed with up to 600, high-on-life attendees, tum filled with nourishing nosh and mind opened through group meditation, music, film and wisdom from renowned international speakers.

Not a Jägerbomb in sight…but shots of wheatgrass optional!


We hear you have one cardinal rule for attendees – what is it?

Introduce yourself to three new people. Otherwise, you’re not allowed back! Always a good excuse if there’s a conscious cutie across the room.


The most memorable moments from the last five years of events?

Some memorable speakers and musicians have included Deepak Chopra, Ben Lee, Sarah Wilson, Jamie Durie, Ronnie Khan and Xavier Rudd


The most unexpected?

The most unexpected would have to be our mystery event when the audience weren’t told who the guest speaker would be. After a group social they took their seats, closed their eyes for a meditation, then Jimmy Barnes brought everyone out of it by introducing Deepak Chopra by imitating his voice – what a surprising sight that was!


The most heartwarming?

The Do Good Challenges are always heartwarming, but one special speaker was Ronnie Khan who told her story of how she created Oz Harvest to collect and deliver the excess food from commercial outlets to charities across Australia


Your Do Good Challenge gives an individual $500 to go out into the world and make some sort of positive difference. Can you share an example of its powerful ripple effect?

Some past examples have been the Possibility Project, providing biodegradable sanitary products and hygiene education to females in India,  No Lunch for Nepal, which delivered much-needed support for Nepal earthquake victims, and Foto Friends, where cameras were supplied to children in East Timor and Australia to swap a photographic journal of their diversities of their lives and expanded the children’s skill sets.

What’s Conscious Currency? And where’s the furthest you’ve heard of it travelling?

The Conscious Currency is a shiny nugget that represents emerging giving economy. If you receive a coin, [the idea is to] do a selfless act for someone you know or a complete stranger. It can be a big or small, it doesn’t matter. Photograph or film your deed, inspire others with what you did, then track it on social media by following the individual tracking number encrypted on each coin.

Conscious Currency has travelled around the world, from London to Nepal to USA, it has been passed around remote villages in Nepal and even onto celebrities like Oprah Winfrey.


Join Conscious Club’s next event, Way of the Heart, on Thursday 4th February with guest speaker Pete Evans