Productivity Hacks


Goal setting, restaurant remembering, calendar syncing... all sorted


There is no shortage of productivity-inhibiting distractions in our lives. The social media channels to check and update, the to-do lists and appointments to remember. Well, thankfully there’s an app for them all.

Here are 5 apps that help up our productivity and keep organised.


Gone are the days of losing notes scribbled on the back of envelopes or receipts. lets you make lists and tasks, syncing across all of your devices. Keep track of personal goals, works tasks and family reminders all in one place.

2. Evernote Food

There is nothing more annoying than sorting through the recesses of your memory to remember where you had that incredible Brazilian seafood stew. The good people at Evernote – the world’s most widely-used productivity app – have now released Evernote Food, helping you keep track of the great meals you’ve had and where you had them.

3. Saent 

Saent takes its productivity mission very seriously. While it blocks many apps and websites that are unproductive, the product goes one step further, offering a Bluetooth-enabled, coasters-sized button, to assist you in ‘focussed work sessions’. It gives you an indication of how ‘productive’ you were, your best and worst times of day to work, and even allows you compare with other co-workers and friends. Plus the physical button is a good reminder and helps you to create stronger behavioural change in the long run.

4. Flipboard 

Whether you read the news or browse the headlines, Flipboard allows you to select the topics you’re interested in, and the app creates a themed magazine. You can also connect to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see all your social network updates in one place. Handy for the few minutes you have when waiting for your morning coffee.

5. Sunrise

This beautifully designed calendar syncs with Google, iCloud and Microsoft Exchange to keep all your appointments in one place. This calendar will also give you weather updates and maps the locations of your meetings. Plus it connects with Facebook and LinkedIn so you can see the faces of people you’re meeting in your calendar.


Are there other productivity apps that you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!

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