Switch Sessions, Los Angeles


Bringing together a diverse group of leaders to share ideas about meaning in life and business.

IMAGE-1-Phill-Nosworthy-and-Faustina-(booth)Imagine what would happen if you brought people together from completely diverse backgrounds and put them in a room to talk about meaning, purpose in business and using what they have to create change?

Switch Sessions is an idea started by Phill Nosworthy, Sydney-based entrepreneur and founder of Switch Inc. With Sessions having taken place in Australia in 2014 this marks the first event in North America with co-collaborator and broadcaster Faustina Agolley. And Switch Sessions is soon set to embark globally.

On a recent Thursday night at SOHO House West Hollywood, Phil and Faustina were joined by contributors Jon Warren from Herschel Supply Co, Daina Trout CEO of Health-Ade Kombucha, Phil Tayag co-founder and CEO of influential dance crew Jabbawockeez and a packed room of LA’s leading culture creators to discuss purpose in business, creating change through branding and storytelling and amplifying a tangible sense of meaning in day to day life.



A brilliantly diverse audience of philanthropists, designers, athletes, business leaders and creative icons came together at Switch Sessions Los Angeles.


Phill Nosworthy speaking on the critical drivers of meaning and it’s main obstacles in our lives and work.


Jon Warren, design director Herschel Supply Co. speaking on moving past ‘just’product. Jon shared lessons he picked from taking Vans from $200,000 to $2.4 billion.


Phil Tayag, founder and CEO of Jabbawockeez spoke about having a meaningful life with what you desire to do, “It’s about making impossible, possible, and possible, probable.”


Faustina Agolley, broadcaster and co-host of Switch Sessions discusses three virtues for true meaning in life and work; a clear vision, confidence to express oneself and mastery of one’s work.



Jules Gayton (seated), the product designer for Herschel Supply Co. and former Stussy Tribesman revealed, “Your life gets meaning from the discovery of new things that you never had before, and travel is all about discovery.”


“You have to trust your intuition, and listen to your heart; it always sounds cliché to say it, but it’s that simple. Life can be really responsive when you dare to ask for what you, in your heart, really want,” says actress Isabel Lucas.


Robbie Martin of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art - “Sometimes the best opportunity, especially when you’re young and you still have time to build experience, isn’t necessarily going to lead to your long-term happiness. So if it means taking a step backwards or starting out through interning, pro bono work or volunteering, [then] invest in that.”


“You’re only getting older and life’s only going away. If you’re happy, you’re 90 per cent there. You’ve just got to start doing the things that you like to do more” - Daina Trout, co-founder and CEO of Health-Ade.


Sylvia Rosenberger, CEO of the Downtown Women’s Center. DTWC is the only organization in Los Angeles exclusively dedicated to addressing the needs of women overcoming poverty and homelessness in Skid Row.


“I’m always interested in the shades of the human experience – they’re not always pretty, they’re not always perfect, a lot of times they don’t have happy endings, but I think what’s valuable for everybody is examining the journey.” - Shelby Stone, Film & TV Producer, Flavor Unit.


“Social media has made us so much more isolated. But community is so important. Having people who can inspire, motivate, and challenge you in your life is invaluable.” - Sophia Chang, New York based artist.

For more information about Switch Sessions: switchinc.com.au

Photography: Marija Ivkovic 

Images taken at The Standard, Hollywood and Soho House West Hollywood.

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